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Attention pumping mamas

Are you prepared for the new challenge of pumping at work?

If you’re are not sure if you can survive pumping at work, and you’re terrified and don’t know what you’re getting into, you have come to the right place!

You made an awesome choice to breastfeed your baby…

You have been a rockstar the last month or so at home bonding with your bundle of joy…

Now it’s time to return to work…

You will be lugging in a 50 pound suitcase that’s stuffed to the brim with a breast pump and accessories, extra pieces, breast pads, ointments, and everything else you could potentially need during your 8 hour workday…

In the meantime, all of your co-workers have developed x-ray vision…

They know what’s in your bag…

They will be screaming “breast pumping mama!” at you…

On top of that, you will need to keep up with the all other demanding tasks at work…

It will be challenging, difficult, and sometimes, seems impossible...



Your solution for pumping at work

With our Kaylaa Greatest and latest Breast Pump Bags, you can rest assure that you will able to handle all the challenges for pumping at work with ease.

You will be carrying a beautiful bag that has everything you need...

You will have access to your pump and accessories quickly and easily, anytime you want...

Your co-workers won’t even know that you’re carrying a breast pump bag...

Instead, what they will do is complimenting how beautiful and stylish your bag is...

“I get so many compliments on this bag, and many people ask where it came from! I giggle b/c little do they know, my pump is hidden discretely in here!” -Lindsey

Most importantly, you can focus on the most important thing...

You will be able to pump the golden liquid for your bundle of joy with ease...

You will be able to keep up with your demanding job...

And you will be the most confident, stylish mama you can be...


Ultimate features

Kaylaa Breast Pump Bags are not only beautiful, but also fit everything you throw at them.

Fit all portable breast pumps and coolers in separated, thick, insulated, water and spill resistant compartment.

Portable Pumps

You will carry your pump in a separated compartment that is well protected and easy to access anytime you need to pump. Fit all portable pump, including:

  • Medela: Pump in Style, Freestyle and Sonata
  • Spectra: S1, S2, and Dew
  • Ameda: Purely Yours
  • Philips: Avent Comfort Single and Double
  • Others: Freemie, Hygenia, Ardo and many more

Bottles and Coolers

You will be able to carry up to your milk bottles with cooler and ice pack in the thick and insulated compartment that can help keep your milk cold up to 6 hours or more.

I'm just a fan of the bag. I had been searching for a while for something to accommodate my needs as a working/pumping Mom on the go and this bag did it!” - Jenelle 

Organized Design

  • The main compartment hold any other necessities you can think of such as diaper, changing bad, baby items.
  • Separated padded laptop pocket that can accommodate and protect your laptop, table, documents, etc
  • Multiple small pockets for your phone, keys, credit cards, etc
  • Zipper pocket on the back to keep any valuable items safe.
  • Separated, Insulated compartment for Pump and Bottles. Pump compartments are also collapsible from the inside for even more space when needed
 “I love my new Kaylaa bag!. I love having to only carry one bag and having everything organized. It easily fits my laptop, my planner, my pump, my milk cooler, my wallet, my lunch, back up supplies for the pump and a change of clothes.
i went from carrying a purse, my laptop bag, my lunch bag and a bag for my pump to just 1 bag.” - Leslie

The Best Breast Pump Bags on the market

Much more durable, softer, and lighter, we’re extremely proud and believe the Kaylaa Breast Pump bags are the best on the market today.

  • Premium, durable, soft, water and spill resistant Nylon inside out. Beautiful pattern design go great with about any outfit you choose for the day.
  • Premium, durable and smooth metal Japanese Zippers.
  • Metal Feet to keep the bottom of the bag clean
  • Ergonomically designed straps. Can be carried under arm or across body
  • Triple bag layers to keep the bag strong, sturdy and durable to hold up for your daily use for years to come
  • Weight only 1.8 pounds
 “I am loving the updates to the bag! So far it is perfect. Thank you very much for your excellent customer service. “ – Britany 
“I love it! I like the feel and look of this one. I like that the material seems a little more flexible and that it is slightly less bulky, but still has enough room for what I need! “ – Lynsi


100% Risk Free For You

At Kaylaa, we're always striving to raise the bar. 

We promise you’ll be totally satisfied with the Kaylaa breast pump bag.

Your purchase is totally Risk Free. 

If, for any reason, you are not thrilled with our bag, just contact us and receive a full 100 percent refund of every penny you paid – no hassles, no hard feelings, no question asked.

You will receive world class customer service should you need any help from us.

Messages from our happy customers speak for it all:

“Thank you so much, I really appreciate all the help and AMAZING customer service! “ -Lauren
“I really appreciate you all getting back with me so fast and being so understanding. I can't tell you how much that means to me.” – Hayley
“Your customer service is amazing! I will definitely recommend purchasing from your company to all my pregnant girlfriends!! “ – Patty


Get Your Beautiful Pump Bag Now

Congratulations on your journey into motherhood. You are doing an amazing job!

Get yourself one of the Kaylaa breast pump bags now and let us go with you on your fun and exciting journey!

“I’m glad I went with this bag. I’m very happy to have found a bag that doesn’t scream “breast pump!” when you see it. Why not be stylish AND still a mom that pumps at work?” – Jennifer
“You should be proud of yourself for designing these beautiful bags, especially since you based it from your own experience as a pumping mom …There are definitively not enough stylish, light & durable pumping bags out there.” - Olha

So get yourself a beautiful Kaylaa breast pump bag now, because you deserve the best!