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6 Important Things to Look For Before Buying a Breast Pump Bag

Posted on October 19 2016

Returning to work means you will have to pump….at work.

Welcome to a whole new world. You probably imagine yourself lugging in a 50 pound suitcase that’s stuffed to the brim with a breast pump, all the accessories, extra pieces, breast pads, ointments, and everything else you could potentially need during your 8 hour workday.

To help breastfeeding moms decide on a breast pump bag that fits their particular lifestyle, we have come up with a comprehensive over-view of breast pump bags.

We have discovered that there are 6 common concerns that most women have in regards to breast pump bags. Let’s take a look at these 6 main concerns moms have here:

  • Will it hold everything I need? It needs to be the ultimate multitasker—it needs to carry everything from the breast pump itself, spare parts, to your wallet and/or iPad.
  • Will everything be easily accessible? It must have organizational compartments. You are a busy mom and don’t have time to be digging around for a breast pad or car keys.
  • Can I carry it with one hand? You must be able to carry it with one hand.
  • Will it hold up to everyday wear and tear? It needs to be extremely durable. You plan on using it practically 24/7 for at least the next 6 months—you need to be able to depend on it.
  • Will it be stylish? You don’t want to be walking through the airport or workplace carrying something bulky and unattractive. Being a breastfeeding mom shouldn’t have to mean you need to settle for being unfashionable.
  • Can it be used after it’s no longer needed to hold my breast pump? After you’ve finished breastfeeding you would love to continue to use the bag.


The purchase of a breast pump is a large investment. Let’s face it, breast pumps aren’t cheap, so you need to make sure you’re getting exactly what you want in the breast pump bag that's going to be carrying your breast pump.

Let's take a more in-depth look at these six 'must-haves' moms want in a breast pump bag:


1. Ultimate Multitasker: It needs to be able to hold everything!

You need a bag that can handle whatever you throw at it—or in it. You want it to hold your keys, iPad, books, cell phone, on top of everything else you might need to pump successfully while outside the comfort of your own home.

The first few times you venture outside the house, you most likely will pack enough stuff to last you through the apocalypse (again, completely normal). It takes time to gain confidence and learn what essentials you’ll need and what you will never use and can leave at home.

Your bag shouldn’t be overflowing—even if you are packing for an apocalyptic-scenario. It should be able to contain whatever you want to put in it and not be busting at the seams.

Our Kaylaa bag is big enough and can hold a lot of stuff. If it can't fit in this bag it's probably safe to say you don't need it!


2. Organization

The breast pump bag can’t just be an oversized bag with nothing but a black hole of empty space. That would be a nightmare!

Can you just imagine--one day you might be struggling to hold a squirming baby, your breast pump bag, and your purse—while trying to open a car door or enter a crowded elevator? Ugh. Having everything with a place of its own and be easily accessible will make your life so much easier and efficient!

Most importantly, your breast pump bag needs to have a separate pockets to hold your breast pump, so you can get to your pump quickly and easily, whenever you need to.

Kaylaa Breast Pump Bags

Also look for a breast pump bag with zipper and other pockets inside that help you organize your stuffs. Otherwise if the bag gets turned upside down (which it inevitably will at some point or another) you don’t have a million things scattering all over. You don’t really want to ask the stranger standing next to you in the grocery store check-out line to lift up their shoe so you can get your breast pad, do you? Didn’t think so.

So separated pump pockets, top zippers and internal pockets are the musts. That is also the principle deign of our Kaylaa bag. Our bag has external insulated side pockets that will safely hold your breast pump and accessories. The large main compartment has pockets that can be used for laptop, keys, credit cards, phones, tablets, diapers, or anything else you may need. So you can be sure you can bring everything with you, while being organized at the same time.


3. Light-weight

As a new mom you are doing a lot of lifting and bending. Your back is almost certainly under some strain. Your breast pump bag should absolutely not be adding anymore strain to your back! It must be a weight that can be easily carried in one hand. You don’t want to be walking lop-sided or straining your back to carry your breast pump bag.

We can’t stress the importance of having a light-weight breast pump bag that has straps that make it easy to carry in one hand. Make sure to walk around with your breast pump bag to see how it feels. Bend down, walk up a set of stairs, go through all of the movements you do during a typical day.

At only 2 lbs, the Kaylaa Premium Breast Pump Bag is one of the lightest on the market. The ergonomically designed straps make it comfortable and easy to hold too!


4. Durability

You are paying an arm and a leg for a breast pump. They cost hundreds of dollars. It’s a huge investment. It’s an investment you want to last. A high quality breast pump bag that holds up to everyday wear and tear is a definite must. You do not want your breast pump damaged.

What about the breast pump bag itself? If you spill a cup of coffee on it, will it be permanently stained or will it easily wash off? For our bags, we choose premium nylon for it’s durability. If it gets dirty, or you spill anything on it, it can be easily wiped and be clean again.

Also, another important thing to look for is the zipper.

Breast Pump Bag Zipper

The zipper has been around for nearly a century, and you’d think that is something very simple and easily to be perfect.

Well that is not the case. There are tons of faulty zippers out there. Pulls pop, teeth break, lockups, etc, you name it. And let’s face it, when the zipper goes wrong, the entire breast pump bag is useless.

For our bag, we use premium Japanese metal zippers that are not only beautiful, smooth, but also extremely durable. It’s the same zippers that are used by other big brand designer bags on the market.

So when you look for a breast pump bag, definitely avoid those with cheaply made plastic zippers!


5. Style

Both at home and at work, you will want to be stylish. All of us want to be beautiful, don’t we? Just because you are a new mom whose wardrobe most days consists of comfy yoga pants and baggy t-shirts doesn’t mean you have to settle for a breast pump bag that has no shape or style.

You want something that looks just as good at the office as it does on the weekend, when you’re out at the park having fun with your little one.

You can find a breast pump bag in a fun print or bold color. It can become a statement piece that makes an outfit pop or a classic everyday piece.

We offer classic black and white stripe and a very bold red and white. Style is not a precise science and everyone has different tastes. But we get so many compliments that our bags are the most stylish bags on the market. Check and see for yourself if you agree!


6. Versatility

When you finally find the perfect breast pump bag that’s stylish, functional, and fits your criteria, you are not going to want to just toss it in the back of your closet after you’ve finished breastfeeding. You want a bag that you can use long after your breastfeeding days are over. A bag that’s timeless and classic will never go out of style.

You have spent too much time and money finding the right breast pump bag not to just let it collect dust. The bag should easily be able to transition to a diaper bag and/or a purse.

Breast Pump Bag Collapsible Pockets

The Kaylaa Bag was created with versatility in mind. The pump pockets can totally be collapsible when you know longer pump. So you can convert it to a regular bag in seconds and continue using it for many more months/years to come.



You shouldn’t have to get a loan out to purchase a breast pump bag that fulfills your requirements. You can find breast pump bags at all price levels. But we believe that if a bag satisfies our 6 criteria above, you will be guaranteed to be happy.

If we’re lucky enough to be your pick, we guarantee our bag will deliver the greatest value. We really mean it, and if you’re not satisfied, we’re happy to take it back with no cost for you. No question asked.

Being a mom is hard work. Every day comes with a new set of challenges and memorable moments (Yes, that 2 AM diaper change where you fell asleep hunched over your baby’s crib will make a funny story in a few years—after your back has recovered!) Your life is vastly different than it was before having a baby.

A quote that couldn’t be more perfect and that all moms would nod their head in agreement is: “You know your life has changed when going to the grocery store by yourself is like taking a vacation.

Congratulations on your journey into motherhood. It’s a roller-coaster of emotions but knowing everything you’re going through is normal and you’re not alone in this journey should be a tremendous source of comfort and assurance. You are doing an amazing job! We hope that you will choose our Kaylaa bag to go with you on your fun and exciting journey!

So get yourself a beautiful Kaylaa breast pump bag now, because you deserve the best!